"The Craftsman is undeniably superb. Kenneth does things right the first time. The cabinetry and the work done on our remodel and game room is the best! He is honest and trustworthy, and we highly recommend him."
-- Steve and Sue Heidt

The Beginning...
The Uncommon Vision

Kenneth Dziduch Kenneth Dziduch has been in the residential construction industry his entire life. He began his construction career with his father’s business in building and woodworking. Working side by side with his dad and brothers instilled Kenneth with the ethics that make a business successful: integrity, honesty, attention to detail, and a focus on client communication. Kenneth knows that first-class workmanship and customer service have become a rarity, so The Craftsman’s mission is to combine time-tested, traditional building techniques with cutting-edge technology. The result is superior craftsmanship in residential construction.

The Craftsman’s reputation and skills are widely recognized, and the company has been entrusted to restore the architectural integrity of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Years of careful study of architectural proportion, balance, structure, detail, form, and function have brought this team to the forefront, and their work is highly regarded by experts in the field. Just imagine what this level of experience will bring to your projects!

The Craftsman maintains an uncommon vision: that building excellence requires experience, foresight, organization, patience, functionality, and durability. Every project reflects this tradition of excellence, with a commitment and a passion for the highest of standards. The Craftsman has the years of hands-on knowledge and experience necessary to carry out every element of their uncommon vision.

The Reasons for Success…
Uncommon Teamwork

When a team works together for a long period of time, trust develops, and the client is the beneficiary of an outstanding relationship. The Craftsman attributes much of its success to dedicated employees and subcontractors who have worked together for over two decades. Only true professionals work with The Craftsman, and any aspect of construction is available with the team's assembled group of respected contractors.

The Team
Bryan Holt---28 years of craftsmanship
Fidel Ordaz---23 years of craftsmanship
Eddie Pryor---48 years of craftsmanship
Kenneth Dziduch---29 years of craftsmanship

The Craftsman - Fine Homes Fine Woodworking

Bryan Holt, Eddie Pryor, and Fidel Ordaz are Master Carpenters and are skilled in architectural design, fabrication, and installation. Whatever you desire will be executed with precision. These professionals bring design to reality by using time-honored methods and blending architectural proportion and design with timeless detailing. The team incorporates skillful use of wood veneers, hand-selected grain and color matching, hand-carvings, custom turnings, and only the finest fasteners and hardware. Traditional joinery such as cope and stick, mortise and tenon, and dovetail fittings also bring big results.

Bryan Holt
The Craftsman - Fine Homes Fine Woodworking
Fidel Ordaz

The entire Craftsman team supports and depends upon one another. They work in unison, as only those with a long-term connection are able. Communication within the team and with you, the client, is paramount. You will have the utmost confidence in knowing that this team is the best in the industry for providing truly unique Craftsman-ship.

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